Mobile App UI / Web Design

I spent the early part of my career at ad agencies and print shops doing Photoshop work and Prepress for ads, posters, and other print projects.   I have created just about every kind of marketing material and packaging product that exists from mugs to movie posters.

This section is in desperate need of an update.

Movie Posters / 1Sheets
Graphic Design, Layout
Running the Sahara DVD
DVD Art, Poster, Disc, etc
Total Control Golf DVD
DVD Art Disc, etc
One Six Right DVD
DVD Art Layout
New Frontier Packaging
DVD Art, Poster, Disc, etc
CW Packaging and POP
Toy Packaging Design and Trade Show Displays
16R Family of Products
DVD Art, Poster, Disc, etc
Logos Design Samples
Examples are from the film Inheritance
Digital Ink and Paint
Digital Manga examples of digital I&P
Red Felt Heart Art
PHP Web Design , Graphics, CD Packaging
CET Universe Banner
Graphic Design, Layout
Photo Retouching
Examples are from the film Inheritance

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