This is my archive of older multimedia examples using Powerpoint and Director.
Below are some of the interactive programs I have made that were designed and delivered on CDs, Mini-CDs, DVDs, and the Web.  Broadband internet has pretty much destroyed the market for this form of delivery...So these days I design and build websites instead which perform the same function. Thank God I spent so much time learning Lingo. :(  In most cases, these independent apps cannot be viewed on the web (due to size and xtra dependencies) but I have included some that can.
Keynote and PowerPoint Presentations
Get eye-popping presentations that defy the typical ugly PP slideshow. I can create custom navigation and templates that will empower anyone to create professional looking and easy to use information tools.  Screenshot
Hilton Universal Virtual Tour
Interactive Navigation, QTVR Tour, Multi-Language Narration, Weblinks
New Frontier Enhanced CD
Interactive Navigation, Video, CD Player with Lyrics, Guitar room, QTVR
See the Guitar Room   
CareGiver Plus Online
Shockwave translations of video components for CD and web delivery.
Pocket Chix Media Viewer
Interactive Navigation, Video and picture viewers, Animated 3D icons
Until the Eagle Falls Enhanced CD
Biography, Discography, and Music Video. Also did a complete website
PhotoCenter Imaging EPK
Promotional Materials with Interactive Navigation, video and PDF priceguide.
Iced Java 2003 Digicap
This was an extensive bit of programming work for Makai that included custom video players, and lots and lots of data.
ISI Product Demo
Navigation, Video, Animated software previews, complete narration, voiced buttons
Internal presentation for future technologies and strategies. I can't show a sample.



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