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These are some of the websites I have designed and built.  I could scrape the archive and add another ten or so old ones that were hand-coded. I can work in HTML, CSS, XML and do basic coding in PHP, ASP, and Javascript.
I have a custom PHP structure that makes a solid and robust starting point for web development.  I designed and helped to create USociableand several other complex database systems like the Display Creator for Warner Bros.
With your website, get SEO tools that let you tweak the keywords, descriptions and other meta tags of each page individually. Maximize search engine compliance and get the kind of organic search results you can't pay for. I also set up clients with Analytics and if you want AdWords and AdSense.
If you want your website to be dynamic, or if you want to use a CMS, or gather user data, host a mailing list, product catalog, shopping cart, or external plugin, then you will need custom databases designed to automate functions and communicate with other systems via APIs or custom code.
I can do GUI design and implimentation for the web and mobile apps. I can produce smaller scale projects and do pass-through apps for clients looking to expand their web presence to mobile.  I recently designed the UI for OnSet , a DIT machine for video.
I've been woring in multimedia for years. I was producing animation when we field tested the application "Future Splash" which Macromedia bought and turned into Flash. I never like Flash as much as Director, but the tide has turned against this kind of self contained presentation. To see some older director examples and Multimedia UI, visit my Multimedia Archive Page.
Keynote and PowerPoint Presentations
Get eye-popping presentations that defy the typical ugly PP slideshow. I can create custom navigation and templates that will empower anyone to create professional looking and easy to use information tools. Professionally prepared graphics let you fully utilize the power of keynote.  Screenshot of PP



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