I edit in Final Cut Pro and Premiere and have used both programs since they came into existance. I can also edit with AVID, but it's not my primary tool. I was an online editor for several years working on movies and television shows. In my years as a freelancer I have edited every conceivable type of project from commercials to music videos to feature films. I have a natural sense of timing, a good eye for color, and I can follow through with my own visions. I am fast, efficient, and I get the job done in the editing bay.  Alan on IMDB

A master of After Effects, I can create many different types of 2D and 3D animation in a variety of styles using AE, Maxon's Cinema 4D, the trapcode suite, and other pro plugins for advanced effects and particle systems. I can create graphics from scratch and blend them with live action to achieve the desired result whether corporate, creative, or technical. I do titles and credits, logo animations and a wide array of animated fonts. I've done motion graphic work for companies like Warner Bros., Disney, Dreamworks and Xprize. See my Demo Reel

If your production needs professional titles, lower 3rds, overlays and credits, I often do these services as part of a feature graphics package. Get prestine titles that work with the overall design of your project and a smooth, perfect credit scroll customized for your specific workflow and deliverables. We can always start at the beginning with poster design.


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