JVC Everio Quicktime Component
If you found yourself with a JVC Everio HD Camera, you might be very pleased with it until you try to get your footage off of it. If you are a FCP user on a Mac, you will need a special Quicktime component in order to read and use the TOD files. While you can find updates to their proprietary QT component online, I couldn't find the component itself. My friends at RoadCrew Productions had to pay $45 for a disc from JVC. So here I am making available the installer for the JVC codec, the update, and some manuals and information. Enjoy   Download the Everio Package
MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5
Oh, what's that you say? You can read the TOD files in Quicktime now, but Compressor can't batch them? Somehow I don't think JVC thought this through on the Mac side at all. You might find you need Streamclip to batch the files to ProRes or something you can use. Good luck.   Go to Squared 5 and Download Streamclip
P2 Card Reader AJ_PCD2
I was loaned a P2 camera and this exceptional reader, the Panasonic AJ_PCD2 but it didn't come with software, so I had to download the following software and codecs.   Download Card Reader Software

Envato Marketplaces
I have a couple of flash files from Activeden on my site, like the sphereical video display on my demo reel page. They have several marketplaces that have everything from graphics to code to tutorials. I have to say that AudioJungle, their stock music/audio site has some of the finest music source available direct from the composers. If you are an audio/video/graphics professional you have to check out this site.   Go to Activeden Marketplace
Scrivener for Mac OS X
After several frustrating experiences with Final Draft software, I found Scrivener and now write almost exclusively in it. I don't even use the more advanced functions for putting together complex books and indexes, but as a creative space, it is much better than Final Draft and gives you much more contemporary options for organizing and viewing your work.

Go to Literature and Latte to Demo Scrivener
Video Sphere
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