Matteo Moretto Transfer Column: Mikayil Faye, Alphonso Davies, Leny Yoro and Stanislav Lobotka

Matteo Moretto gives Football España exclusive information on the latest deals dominating the papers in Spain, as revealed in Fabrizio Romano’s Daily Briefing.

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on hold for Alphonso Davies

The situation is sort of on hold currently with Alphonso Davies, I think that Real Madrid want to see how things work out with Leny Yoro, because the Nacho Fernandez leaving, there is more need for him currently.

With Alphonso, not much has changed in the last week or so. What we’re being told in Germany is that he could stay another year without renewing his deal. Real Madrid are waiting to see what happens. Currently, Real Madrid must focus on their priorities and see how negotiations go.

Bayern are losing hope that he will renew his deal, and from that point on, either he goes this summer or he goes for free.

Real Madrid engaged in chess match with Lille for Leny Yoro

Right now Real Madrid want to speak with Lille and it is clear and confirmed that Leny Yoro wants to go to Real Madrid. They are his priority right now, despite the interest from the Premier League and Paris Saint-Germain.

Before, Lille were asking for €60m, now it’s possible that they lower their demands to €50m, but Real Madrid do not want to throw the kitchen sink out the window for Yoro knowing he will be available for free next summer. It’s a bit of a chess match currently.

Joselu Mato changes mind on Real Madrid for final big contract in Qatar

Real Madrid wanted to him to stay, ultimately they know there are going to be a lot of games next year, and Joselu could be an important part of the squad, just as he was this season.

Clearly, there is an extra Endrick Felipe and an extra Kylian Mbappe in the squad, and that has influenced his decision. Real Madrid made him an offer, and until recently, he had always been of the mind to prioritise Real Madrid.

In recents days and weeks, he has evaluated his situation and the opportunities, an opportunity to have a big contract at the end of his career – the latter has won out. Joselu began to see himself on the outside of things, I know up until the Champions League final he was keen to stay at Real Madrid, but these are the sorts of decisions players have to weigh up.

Barcelona demanding more from Porto for Senegalese starlet

The interest from Porto in Mikayil Faye is still there, they are still in talks with Barcelona about him. Marc Guiu is about to leave, his move to Chelsea is imminent, and if nothing changes, that will go through.

With Faye, Barcelona have not received an offer they consider large enough to allow him to leave from Porto, but by no means is the matter done. A fee of €15m has been discussed for Faye. Conversations are ongoing for the Senegalese international, who had a promising season at Barca Atletic.

Stanislav Lobotka was never close to joining Barcelona despite agent comments

Nothing has changed regarding Lobotka and Napoli. He remains an important part of the Napoli side and is important for Antonio Conte too. Every summer there are things that come out about Lobotka, and that’s part of the job of his camp.

In reality, I don’t think he was ever that close to joining Barcelona. The priority for Lobotka is Napoli, and they do not want to sell him either, so case closed right now.

Matteo Moretto will be back with more transfer news in the coming days, providing exclusive information on the biggest stories in Spain and Italy.

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