Display Creator is an online application and extranet which you access just like any other website (through a browser). It is a resource for your employees and vendors to access and share data (text, images, audio, video, print files, and other assets). It’s primary function is the simulation of store environments and other display places, where your company is placing fixtures and POP artwork. Users can build stores, skin fixtures with the desired artwork, and export the finished product in a wide variety of formats.

The Core of the Creator Program is a compositing engine that lets you combine image assets in real time. This component can be adapted for a variety of uses for building promotional and sales materials to exploring graphic options with your team or office.

Using this store-builder interface (with visual menus), select your display elements and background and then position them within the 3D field. Save finished graphics or in-progress images and return to them later. Everything is kept organized by user and you can share your constructions with others.

Key Features

Custom Displays and Objects
Recreate Store Layouts for sales or internal presentations, or make templates for the compositing of flyers, cards, ads, and other possibilities.
Full 3D Movement
Skin your displays and templates with graphics and then place it anywhere in a relative 3D field. Composite unlimited objects and customize each one.
Multiple Export Options
Export your finished presentation in a variety of formats including Powerpoint Slides, PDFs, e-mail attachments, or share with social sites.
Collaborate with Groups
Communicate live with your team as you collaborate on projects. See who is online and chat with them at anytime.

Edit objects individually
Recreate Each Display or Object in the Creator can be edited individually and be given covering art, overlays, text, and other assets

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