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While I was studying theatre and film in college in Florida, I created a job for myself doing graphics for a local TV station on an Amiga. I moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and my first job was doing animatics on a Stevie Wonder video...from there went into post production. I studied on a Henry and Hal for a while, but desktop computers have pretty much made those overpriced machines unnecessary. I've worked in animation studios, post houses, internet companies, advertising agencies and film studios.

I am completely self taught and worked with applications like Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro since they came into existance. I have even been an After Effects instructor in Hollywood and wrote a manual for it. I know AE very well including complex functions like writing expressions. I recently built a stereoscopic 3D camera rig that I can use in AE to composite true 3D material.

I have been editing since the Amiga Video Toaster and I have cut just about every kind of video that exists. As an online editor I used FCP and AE to great effect from simple fixes and composities to titles and credits that were left for the last minute. I have completely recut films in this capacity. I also do web design and mild programming, working mainly through Nth Software.

I've worked with many of the notable companies in the business, some of which are listed below. I have an excellent editing bay in my home studio and I maintain severs for exchanging files and posting comps. I make the process of using a remote worker as easy as it can be. I can also come in and work in your facility, especially if you are crewing up for a big project such as a feature. There are references in my resume or you can contact me for references or specific examples of work you don't see on my demo page.

Thanks for taking the time. - Alan


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Alan Chamberlain is a freelance editor and motion graphics artist living in Encino, California. He is an expert in Editing (FCP/Avid), compositing and effects (AE) and design (PS and Illustrator). He has been an online editor and mograph artist for over a decade and has done composites and effects for features and TV. He is available for contract work and long term projects. Learn More

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